Central Government Agency

Central Government Agency

Portt implementation for automation of the Government Rules of Sourcing procurement processes

Our client’s contract management team implemented Portt’s contract lifecycle and supplier management module in 2017 and, after using it to apply consistent contract management processes across the organisation, expanded its use to the procurement function.

Over a period of 8 weeks, Zeren worked with the procurement team to map their processes and configure the Government Rules of Sourcing within the Portt solution.

With Portt, our client has a systemised and automated approach to managing compliance with the Rules, and can manage the workload of its procurement team through allocation of tasks and approval activities. It can also report on any aspect of a procurement exercise, including supplier performance across multiple procurements, cycle time of the various stages of procurement, and any exemptions granted to Rules-based procurements.

With those processes now configured in Portt, other agencies that are required to comply with the Rules can easily leverage our solution. Contact us and we’ll help you get going.